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Mission Statement


The EN-Abled Vet Internship will provide the necessary on line and on the job training, resume support and job interview skills to create a polished market ready professional ready to begin a successful career in healthcare information technology.

“The EN-Abled Veterans Program  was the ticket needed to launch  my post-military retirement career.  Right now, I see the sky as being the limit.  Now it’s up to me.  If someone is extending their hand to help you, humble yourself, take it and move up.”

--- James W

The EN-Abled Vet Internship

Program Objectives

Recognizing the needs of returning military veterans and their families, the EN-Abled Veteran program has developed the following program objectives to help.

  • Develop skills to obtain a career in IT through successful skills development and pertinent industry certification to launch a new career in IT

  • To leverage partnerships with healthcare institutions, community colleges and our IT vendor community to create opportunities for veterans and their families to learn new IT skills, that make them competitive and employable in three months or less.

  • Be part of a focused leading-edge program. With the nationwide shortage of qualified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) specialists, employee skills obtained through the program will bridge the gap between military and civilian careers.

  • Tell their story. Veterans will engage with employees, sharing their experiences and history and creating a greater understanding of life in the military and the sacrifices and services they made to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.

  • Reproduce this successful model at other health care institutions nationwide.

In teh healthcare information technonlogy field, it is common to see resumes that are full of impressive accreditaions or certifications. Unfortunately, when candidates come in for interviews, they may not have operational experience.

EN-Abled Vet gives such experience!

Key Components

  1. EV gives the opportunity for on the job training, giving the intern the workplace skills in a hospial environment.

  2. Classroom without walls

  3. Spouse and adult child employment

  4. Unique resume and job interviewing techniques

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