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"For months all I heard was what I hadn’t done.  All my IT skills were self taught, but at Rush they basically said, 'You are a Marine.  We have your back.'  First, it had been a long time since someone called me sir.  But then they assured me that they’d teach me what I need to know and  if I stuck with it, I would be marketable.  The resume prep and mock job interviews were so important.  Thank you, Rush.  You have changed my life forever."


-- Kevin Gonzalez, Epic Certified Ambulatory Analyst, Centura Health, Denver, CO

"I think one of the major reasons I have had so many calls and offers is because of the Virtual Desktop roll-out we did at Rush and a lot of the other things I was able to put on my resume from there. So thank you again for that opportunity."


-- Ken Marion, Support Tech,

"I’m extremely grateful to EN-Abled Vet, and the entire staff!!! It would've not have happened without the faith and teaching you gave me. I am forever grateful."


-- Mark Truitt, Project Manager, Trustwave

The EN-Abled Veterans Program was the ticket I needed to launch my post-military retirement career. Right now, I see the sky as being the limit,” Wigfall said. “This is a gateway; now it’s up to me. If someone is extending their hand to help you, humble yourself, take it and move up.


-- James Wigfall, Field Tech, Rush University Medical Center

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