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Today’s Veteran


Unemployment rates for military veterans are significantly higher than their civilian counterparts. With healthcare needing 5.6 million jobs by 2020, military veterans can continue to serve in a field that needs their skills. EN-Abled Vet is design to be the bridge between military service and a civilian IT career. A formidable team of leading health systems partners has been assembled and together, are providing the essential on line and on the job training as well as a whole person job coaching strategy that are “EN-Abling Vets” to begin successful careers in healthcare IT.

The jobless rate for post-2001 veterans has dropped from above 12% in 2011, but at 7.2% last year the measure was well above the 6% rate last year for Americans who didn’t serve in the military. Those who served in earlier conflicts have lower unemployment rates than the rest of the population. The jobless rate for veterans who served during the Persian Gulf War that began in the early 1990s was just above 4% last year.

EN-Abled Vet Program

Established in 2013 at Rush University Medical Center, the EN-Abled Vet Internship provides paid on-the-job training and career coaching for military veterans and their families. The program focuses not only on making IT training available to veterans, but also gives them opportunities to use their training on active projects in order to gain experience necessary in the job market.

The program has been recognized in Modern Healthcare, Hospitals & Health Networks, CBS2 Chicago, and is a 2014 recognized Case Study by The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives.


Mission Statement


The EN-Abled Vet Internship will provide the necessary on line and on the job training, resume support and job interview skills to create a polished market ready professional ready to begin a successful career in healthcare information technology.

Continue the Service

A foundation for Success


The Enabled-Vet Program is a 13-week paid on-the-job training and career coaching internship designed to help military veterans and their families’ transition to careers in healthcare information technology (IT). Supported by an active collaboration among many of the U.S.’s leading health systems, software and technology companies and veterans organizations, the EN-Abled Vet program provides the foundation you’ll need to be more competitive when applying for health IT jobs. It is a structured, mentor-based career pathway to help secure a rewarding long-term career has been recognized in Modern Healthcare, Hospitals & Health Networks and is a 2014 recognized Case Study by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives.

Why Health IT?

Because what you do here will matter. Health IT is the information backbone of the global wellness, care and research industry. It’s what is enabling safer, more effective, costs efficient care anytime, anywhere. And it’s one of the Top 3 fastest growing sectors of the economy— increasing 21% by 2020 according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics. With demand increasing, labor shortages are predicted in this sector in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

Get Started

While military experience with technology is desired, other factors such as motivation, character and heart are also important intern assessment factors. For those veterans in long-term care, the EN-Abled Vet Program will accept family members into the internship. Working family members earning a steady income can help the veteran get the care they need without having to worry about loss of income.

Program Objectives

Develop skills to obtain a career in health IT through successful Epic certification and employment.

Leverage partnerships with healthcare institutions, community colleges and our IT vendor community to create opportunities for veterans and their families to learn new IT skills, that make them competitive and employable in three months or less.

Be part of a focused leading-edge program. With the nationwide shortage of qualified Electronic Medical Record (EMR) specialists, employee skills obtained through the program will bridge the gap between military and civilian careers.

Tell their story. Veterans will engage with employees, sharing their experiences and history and creating a greater understanding of life in the military and the sacrifices and services they made to preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.

Reproduce this successful model at other health care institutions nationwide.

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