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Mission Statement


The EN-Abled Vet Internship will provide the necessary on line and on the job training, resume support and job interview skills to create a polished market ready professional ready to begin a successful career in healthcare information technology.

“The EN-Abled Veterans Program  was the ticket needed to launch  my post-military retirement career.  Right now, I see the sky as being the limit.  Now it’s up to me.  If someone is extending their hand to help you, humble yourself, take it and move up.”

--- James W


Our on-the-job (OJT) approach provides detailed instruction with hands on opportunity in a live productions environment – while you're being paid! OJT combines written and verbal instruction with the opportunity to observe IT staff. Our goal for OJT is to teach interns how to perform tasks by watching colleagues, performing some of the job-related tasks on both training and live systems as they progress.

Pre-Training Instruction

After a week of orientation, interns work with our end user deployment team to work on basics of deploying and setting up computers and printers and other peripheral devices. OJT is available for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, the latest in high speed desktop application delivery. In week 4 we discuss your career goals based upon your first month experience with us, and analysis of your previous experience, and your current career aspirations. We will help you decided which, if any on line certification training programs you wish to pursue. By the end of week 4, an individual plan will be developed to help you meet these career goals.

Following your choice, you’ll typically watch the analyst or engineer perform daily tasks. You will also have the opportunity to observe and ask questions. At a mutually agreeable time, you will be asked to perform basic tasks in your field of choice. For example, if you chose networking, you will be able to demonstrate and improve upon your skills with our network operations center. Or you may choose something like web development where you would work with our enterprise web team Working with our staff shadowing with minor tasks, helps you to grow to full-level responsibilities. This approach allows you to be useful and helpful while learning the ins and outs of your job functions.

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