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Hi!  My name is Cassandra and I have 26 total years of military experience.  I have an MBA from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a BA in technical management from Devry University.  I have a strong sense of purpose in life to help others.I am excited to be enrolled in the Epic Ambulatory Certification program and hope to be certified in late November.  Click on my picture for more info.

My name is Pete and I am looking to re-certify my Epic credentials as an Epic ambulatory specialist, where I was a contractor working at an epic site. I am working on renewing my credentials and should be available for hire by the end of October.  Click on my picture for more info.

Hello!  My name is Saint Anthony Johns and I am proud to be an En_Abled Vet.  I have held various positions from radio operator to mental health technician.  I have also held several security backgrounds and have a wide range of skills and accomplishments.  Click on my picture to learn more about me 

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