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Kevin Gonzalez

Epic Certified Ambulatory Analyst, Centura Health, Denver, CO

"For months all I heard was what I hadn’t done.  All my IT skills were self taught, but at Rush they basically said, 'You are a Marine.  We have your back.'  First, it had been a long time since someone called me sir.  But then they assured me that they’d teach me what I need to know and  if I stuck with it, I would be marketable.  The resume prep and mock job interviews were so important.  Thank you, Rush.  You have changed my life forever."

Ken Marion

Support Tech,

"I think one of the major reasons I have had so many calls and offers is because of the Virtual Desktop roll-out we did at Rush and a lot of the other things I was able to put on my resume from there. So thank you again for that opportunity."

Mark Truitt

Project Manager, Trustwave

"I’m extremely grateful to EN-Abled Vet, and the entire staff!!! It would've not have happened without the faith and teaching you gave me. I am forever grateful."

James Wigfall

Field Tech, Rush University Medical Center

"The EN-Abled Veterans Program was the ticket I needed to launch my post-military retirement career. Right now, I see the sky as being the limit,” Wigfall said. “This is a gateway; now it’s up to me. If someone is extending their hand to help you, humble yourself, take it and move up."

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